Vacancy Open

Vacancy Open

Publish date: 04/12/2023

Post: Minister of Religion

Terms: Permanent

Place of Work: Madinat al Zahra, Bartle Lane, Bradford, BD7 4QF (Must be flexible to work in other MQI UK centres)


The role will require positive working with the management and local community.  The applicant must possess basic Islamic knowledge on traditional and mainstream disciplines promoting peace and tolerance.

  • Day to day management of religious services
  • Supervise daily congregational prayers
  • Leads Fridays congregational Prayers
  • Leads / Supervise annuals events of Mawlid / Muharram
  • Religious advisory for Muslims
  • providing religious education for children and adults
  • Leading at marriages, funerals and other special services
  • Offering counselling service to members if and when required
  • Recruiting, training and co-ordinating work of local volunteers and members



  • Must have a Master Degree in Islamic Studies from a moderate Islamic institution
  • DBS Cleared
  • Good command over English language


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