Madinat al-Zahra

Community Centre

The community centre will be used as a multi-purpose facility for the wider community and will hold activities to promote and establish community cohesion across all age groups.

The Community Centre will be a major community asset located in the heart of Great Horton Village. Our ambition is to develop a centre which will improve the quality of life for the community at large by seeking to promote the principles of personal development, wellbeing, community engagement and empowerment, and social inclusion.

Cultural Centre

The centre will facilitate the development of diverse cultural activities and strengthen cohesion. It will also provide a gallery area for local artists, a performance hall, creative workshops, and a venue for events.

Social Centre

The centre will offer a welcoming, friendly and safe environment for social activities and social contact.. The coffee lounge/café will provide a focal point for these social activities as well as offer a welcoming venue to casual visitors. It will serve as a meeting place for local residents and for community forums, a place where people will become inspired to try new things and discover how they can become directly involved in the life of their community.

Learning Centre

The centre will host sessions by educationalists to help develop skills and knowledge. As well as providing rooms and facilities for other learning organisations, we aim to develop a health centre in partnership to CCGs and Public Health. A wide range of facilities including fitness activities - dance exercise, Pilates, Yoga, etc will be available. The hall will have the potential to provide a range of health-related activities: forums run by local GPs and PCTs, blood donor and blood pressure testing sessions, complementary, preventative and family health programmes, etc.

Leisure & Recreational Centre

The centre will provide opportunities for social activities. It will as act as a local information point providing details of local groups, activities, and services. The notice boards will provide publicity for forthcoming events and meetings. Internet access will be available enabling individuals to carry out their own research as well as access to online services.

Advice Centre

The centre will invite organisations which offer advice and counselling services to hold regular drop-in sessions or one-off events for the benefit of local residents. This will obviate the need to undertake long and extensive journeys to other venues around the Bradford District. Organisations will offer advice on benefit claims, career development, health matters, crime prevention and domestic security, parental support as well as local councillor surgeries.

The House of Abraham

The House of Abraham is a unique concept aimed at bringing the diverse community together and to create a stronger bond and mutual understanding between all religions. This hub will concentrate on creating a better, friendlier, and more inclusive atmosphere between religious groups and the aim is to reflect this into society.