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The first building of the project will be complete and will provide as a visiting centre open to all members of the public; feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to the site or drop by at Bartle Lane, Bradford, BD7 4QF. The exhibition area will provide insight into the project and there are leaflets, brochures, and plans available to view here.

As Madinat al-Zahra is a community driven project, we urge the involvement of the public across all age groups. We want you to get involved with the project e and this can be done in many ways. Donations to the project can be made at FUNDRAISING. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome and we plan to host public meetings to engage with members of the community. Such meetings will be announced on the site (NEWS/UPDATES) as well as through our email. To join our mailing subscription list, please leave your details below. Once subscribed, you will receive the latest information and dates for events/meetings:

If you are interested in volunteering to help spread awareness about our vision and practically participate in the development, management, and fundraising of Madinat al-Zahra, please complete the volunteer registration below. Due to the scale of the project, there are many roles available for people of all ages, all genders, ethnicities, and religions. The underlying principles of this project are based on unity, teamwork, and community cohesion and so, we are keen to get everyone involved!

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