(breakdown by project phases and what they'll include)

First Phase

Security hoarding, demolition and site clearance, and conversion of the retained building to a temporary exhibition area (Year 1).

Second Phase

Construction of Islamic Centre and School buildings, demolition of temporary building space, creating a car park, and landscaping (Years 2 & 3).

Third Phase

Minarets and construction of Café, offices, and retail buildings, and fit-out of school building (Years 3 & 4).

Fourth Phase

Construction of community building and rooftop garden (Year 5).


Projected total cost of


The first phase of the construction is the development of the Islamic Institute, which will consist of:
Our objective is to develop a modern and state of the art mosque incorporating some of the architectural designs from Morocco in combination with a British theme so that it becomes a landmark in the West and embodies the union of cultures and religions. The complex will cater for Muslims and non-Muslims equally.
The Islamic institute will