Madinat al-Zahra


The retail design concept will be an integrated, mixed use commercial area with office, and franchise facilities designed to create a community identity and expanding opportunities for continued sustainability of our wider project. There are several services that branch from this retail aspect of the premises which include facilities relating to the administrative side of the institute as this will serve as the headquarters of the site such as:

The retail area will be an innovative, mixed-use development, integrating public and private investment. It will be a community focal point with a sense of identity where people can live, work, and participate in community activities. It will be active at all times of the day and all seasons of the year. The proposed development concept is faithful to the overall site and incorporates our long-term operational implications in light of our financial strategy.

This unique project is a first of its kind in the UK and would be an example for other organisations to develop such institutes for our coming generations so that we can guide them through religious and worldly understanding.